Dear Yuletide author

Thank you for offering to write one of my fandoms, and I'm extremely excited about what you're going to come up with.

I really hope that you find this letter useful, but if the thing that you want to write doesn't line up with it, then please do go with your instincts. Despite the length of this, I'm really pretty easy to please.

General things I like, and don't like )

Specific information for Southland, Friday Night Lights, and Sports Night )
  1. Barb ([ profile] rahirah ) has hit upon the cunning wheeze of the Nertz to you, Joss Whedon! Ficathon. An act of fannish protest against the forces of the comics, and the way that they are separating people from the goodness of the Buffy-verse, participants are invited to rewrite things in S8 that really, really bug them. For those of us who have banished the little of S8 we read from our minds, Barb offers a handy list of prompts. Apparently the wacky Dawn-times did not end with her being turned into a giant. Who knew? (Except for most of my f-list.)
  2. I did not like The Kids are All Right. Everyone in it who was not the titular 'kids' was a total horror, and turning the husband in the world's most stereotypical heterosexual relationship into a woman, does not render a film's sexual politics unproblematic.
  3. A year ago, I thought that everyone flailing over Yuletide was acting in an entirely incomprehensible fashion. Today, I read one of those posts of Yuletide technobureaucracy, about fandoms and characters and some giant list of names of things, and felt so excited that I had a head-rush. Fandom has turned me into a flail-er. I don't think that this is an entirely bad thing.
  4. I had to stop reading [ profile] fanficrants  because it made me too grumpy. I may need to stop reading [ profile] fandomsecrets for the same reason.
  5. I only have three more episodes of Supernatural S5 to watch. I almost can't bear to do it, because then it will be over until the S6 boxset comes out. (On the plus side, I've just ordered Dollhouse S2, although S1 was pretty creep-tastic on the consent issues front. I'm not sure that I'm ready to be more disappointed in Joss Whedon.)
While you wait for Yuletide to kick into gear, or even if you're not waiting for Yuletide, [info]winter_of_faith  is open for signups today.

Eta: If there is anything that anyone would like me to write about Faith, then please do say so. Otherwise, I will come up with something depressing all by myself.
I have zero time for fandom today, but thought it would be worth posting a link to the multi-fandom, lady-character ficathon that [info]angearia  and [info]penny_lane_42  have organised.

(Beautiful banner by

A Watcher Scoffs At Gravity has been nominated in two categories in the Xanderrific White Knight Awards.

Thank you, kindly nominatrix.

ETA: Preview is my friend.

Title: The Truth About Her Life (Flickering Firebrand Remix)
Fandom: West Wing
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3500
Characters: CJ Cregg, Toby Ziegler, Andrea Wyatt, Sam Seaborn, Josh Lyman, OFC
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Source material: Based on
The Truth About Her Life by andchimeras
Summary: Six Qumari women are in need of an intervention. CJ knows that she has compromised, but she has only bent and never broken.
Warning: Deals with the subject of violence against women. Contains passing non-explicit references to sexual assault and a passing, more explicit reference to female genital mutilation (FGM).
Author's note: Written for
[info]remix_redux. In episode 3.8 "Women of Qumar", the viewer is left in no doubt that CJ has moderately feminist sensibilities when it comes to violence against women. The original text by andchimeras does a beautiful job of telling a story of CJ's early political engagement, contrasted against the immigration struggles of a group of Qumari women. (For those who don't know, this is a fictional West Wing state, presumably so the show could highlight the shocking human rights abuses thereof, without causing an international incident.) I kept the basic structure, and delved a little more into the idea of CJ's awakening as a feminist, which is then compromised by things within her control, and things outwith it. Fact fans may wish to know that I titled this remix after the article on Catherine Mackinnon, and not the book by Christopher Hitchins.

The Truth About Her Life (Flickering Firebrand Remix) )
For the short-ish duration that I have been in Buffy fandom, I have been hugely admiring of the posters of [ profile] katekat1010 . And who hasn't? They are both exceedingly pretty, and always speak to the content of the fic she makes them for.

This spring, for [ profile] spring_with_xan , she was kind enough to make one for Near Enna's Walls is a Deep Lake. I will spare you too much squeeing, but it's very stylish, and captures the most lovely expression on Xander's face.

Show me the poster )
dipenates: (Don Eppes)

A New Heart has been nominated at the Numb3rs awards, in the Gen / Hurt/Comfort section. Thank you.

[ profile] sorkinverse is a challenge-based community where you compete in three teams to earn points. There will be posted challenges ranging from graphics, writing, trivia, word games, thinking games and just plain luck.

We are concentrating on the television shows by Aaron Sorkin (specifically Sports Night, The West Wing and Studio 60). This means that you should have seen at least some episodes from at least one of the shows; this is much more fun if you know the show/s! You don't need any special skills to join this community, it is just for fun.

To join the community turn in an application here. Don't worry, it's only to get you placed in a team. Then you will get an invitation to your new team community and this community. Make sure you accept them!
I've been nominated over at Absence of Light. Thank you so much, kindly anonymous nominator.

Absence of Light Awards

Dirty Boy (R; Xander/Faith) has been nominated in the best dub/non-con section, the existence of which tells you all you need to know about the glorious smorgasbord of angst on offer over there.

In November's [ profile] still_grrr  challenge, The Dead Tree Gives No Shelter came second (to[ profile] deird1 's beautiful Falling into Shadow) in the fic section.

Thanks to [ profile] xlivvielockex, for the really beautiful award, which captures the intentions of the fic so perfectly, and for keeping the comm running like a Swiss watch.

Congrats to the other fic winners: [ profile] deird1, [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni, and [ profile] duh_i_read .  

(The awesome icon for this post is [ profile] sentine 's.)

A Watcher Scoffs at Gravity, which was written for a prompt at [ profile] still_grrr , was a runner up for Best Post-Series Finale Fic at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards.

Thank you very much to Elisabeth ([ profile] dragonydreams) for organising the awards, and to everyone else who was involved.

Congratulations to Best Post-Series Finale Fic winner, [ profile] dawnofme , who won for One Glorious Summer, and to fellow runner up  Dreamweaver, who wrote Coming Back Wrong.

Congratulations also to f-listers who won awards: [ profile] snowpuppies  and Barb ([ profile] rahirah ).
I got two great stories in my holiday stocking this year. I don't know which was the main gift, and which was the treat, so, in no particular order:

Lush Notes of Sherry
by[ profile] rumidha  (How I Met Your Mother)

Funny and snarky look at Barney floundering around trying to win Robin's heart, and somewhat missing the point.

Robin took a deep breath. “Barney, just think of me as a friend that you have monogamous sex with. Because my friend Barney? That’s the guy I want back. That guy who flew to San Francisco to bring Lily home, that guy who stole every girl who hit on Marshall so that Lily and Marshall could survive, that guy who made Stella jealous when she ran into Ted. That guy who was a shoulder for me to cry on when I was feeling like everything just really sucked. I want that Barney. I don’t want the Barney who’s a womanizing son of a bitch that makes me wonder why we even bother. You’re better than that.”

The Devil You Know by [ profile] phoebesmum  (Sports Night) 

A gorgeous fic with an exceptionally accurate portrayal of  Natalie, meddling because she loves her friends, and bruising Danny in the process.      

So now they're sitting around the bullpen, drinking very good wine from very cheap mugs, and Danny has a bruised, beaten look about him, his eyes wide and stunned, and he laughs like he's sobbing, and when he hugs her she can feel he's shaking, and all in all it's like –

It's like someone chewed up his heart and spat it out, and danced on the remains in her six-inch spiked heels.

Way to go, Natalie. You saved him from stumbling. Then you shoved him off a cliff.
Dear Yulegoat

I'm extremely excited to read my Yuletide story, but am going to be in the rural wilds of my country for the next few days and have just discovered that I may not have internet access. I'm back on the 29th, so will definitely read and comment then. 

Have a lovely holiday
Dear Yulegoat

I have just been over at [ profile] yuletide , and there is a lot of deadline-related flailing going on. In the unlikely event that you have scooted over here because you're not finished and you're desperately seeking illumination as to what the heck I might want in a Yuletide story: please do not worry. 

This is my first year in fandom, and I am completely thrilled that someone is writing me a story for the holidays. I'm really delighted that there will be another piece of work in one of my three fandoms, but I truly have no expectations of what that might be. (As you may have discerned from my vague Yulegoat letter.) 

I am quite sure that you are a very good writer, even if you're not feeling it at this precise moment.  

(Of course, if you've written, polished, had beta-ed, and then polished and shined your fic some more before posting the second AO3 opened for Yuletide posting, please ignore this message. Except the part where I'm incredibly pleased to be getting a Yuletide fic at all.)

Take care
Dear Yuletide Writer 

Thank you so very much for writing one of my fandoms. This is exceptionally unhelpful, but I'm feeling far too self-effacing to actually have the chops to tell you what to write about. 

However, I like snarky banter, friendships, a dash of schmoop, a smidgen of darkness, and damaged people caring about each other. I like real life in all its messiness, and little glimpses into that are awesome. I would rather have other things than pages and pages of porniness.

I have no particular squicks, but would rather not have torture or really detailed violence / trauma, in which the pain is more prominent than the overcoming.

Thank you so much,

I won a prize for A Watcher Scoffs at Gravity, over at [ profile] still_grrr.

Thanks to [ profile] xlivvielockex for the awesome banner, and to all of the mods for making the comm run smoothly.

Congratulations to other fic winners [ profile] angelus2hot[ profile] deird1[profile] brutti_ma_buoni[profile] tiger_bri_duck and [ profile] ozmissage.  

*I feel obliged to point out that this is a Josh Lyman quote and that I am Not Serious. 

Thank you very much to the people who nominated and voted for Five Times People Noticed Xander's Bruises didn't come from Patrol at the Absence of Light Awards.  This fic won Fan Fave in the Best Gen section. 

Many congratulations to [ profile] stormwreath[ profile] ubiquirk, and [personal profile] lily_lovely, who won the other awards in that section, and to everyone else who won. 

Thanks also to [ profile] lilbreck for the banner, and to all of the mods and others who make the awards function. 

The icon for this post is by [profile] nito_punk

I'm participating in the Jossverse Big Bang, which is open to writers and artists who work in the BtVS, Angel, Firefly, or Dollhouse fandoms.

Information is here, along with author sign-ups and artist sign-ups.  



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