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Dear Yuletide author

Thank you for offering to write one of my fandoms, and I'm extremely excited about what you're going to come up with.

I really hope that you find this letter useful, but if the thing that you want to write doesn't line up with it, then please do go with your instincts. Despite the length of this, I'm really pretty easy to please.

General things I like:

I love gen, and read a lot of it. I read het and slash with equal enthusiasm, as long as the relationships make a kind of sense.   

Fic that elicits deep, achy sadness. Fic that is funny. Fic that is sweet. Fic that contains a lot of angst, and a little bit of hope.

Things about touch, and people's desire not to be touched being acknowledged, but also people's need for touch being met.

People transcending their past, or their environment, or their circumstances. Other people helping with that.

Comfort, kindness, grace, hope, honesty, and generosity. Friendship. Sarcasm. Competence.

Things being unsaid. Bulletproof kink: people realising things about other people without being told, because they care, and they can see.

Things I don't like: 

On-screen torture. BDSM. Non-con (by which I mean representations of rape, or rape-type activities that are supposed to be sexy), incest (that is supposed to be sexy / functional / consenting), or anything involving tentacles.


My favourite characters on Southland are Ben and John, and I'm really fascinated by their interaction on the show. I'm also interested by the hints we get about the challenges that John's sexual orientation has presented to him, and the low-drama way that we see him (and Ben) dealing with discrimination-related issues: the little kid with the unknown gender identity pushing the mower, domestic abuse, the guy with the mis-spelled tattoo.

I would also be up for hearing more about Ben's backstory, and his relationships with his family.

Alternatively, I find Chickie pretty interesting, and I'm curious as to her motivations for remaining in the police force, as well as how she perceives John's pretty bullying behaviour. I really like Lydia a lot, but I haven't particularly liked the arc that explored her relationship with her partner, because I can't bear him. I love the 'wtf?' moments when they're dealing with the public.

Friday Night Lights

I love pretty much everyone on this show. The relationship between Eric and Tami, and the way she has to navigate the complexities of being a woman in a very male-dominated environment; Matt Saracen and Tim Riggins, boys broken in different ways; Tyra Collette, guts, and kindness, and scrappiness; and Smash Williams, with the weight of the world on his shoulders. I'm really fascinated by the way the show handled abortion, and how that played out in Luke's / Tami's / Becky's / Tim's life. I am very interested in Landry, Vince, and Jess as individual characters, but thought that the love triangle was a little bit cheap. 

I'm intrigued by the amount of pressure football places on everybody, and on their relationships, and on how masculinity functions within all of that.

I like how the show deals with class, and aspiration, and how complicated the relationships are that the characters have with Dillon and their own (geographic and otherwise) place in the world.

Sports Night

I love pretty much everyone on this show, too. The relationship between Dan and Casey is one of my favourite things ever, whether that's a friendship or a sexual relationship. I love, love, love broken Danny, and helping-y Casey, and Charlie McCall. I'm quite partial to a bit of Dan/Natalie, also. I am exceedingly fond of Natalie and Dana and Jeremy. Isaac is one of the most awesome characters ever committed to television. I am not a huge fan of the Worst Therapist in the World, Ever.
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