Title: The Truth About Her Life (Flickering Firebrand Remix)
Fandom: West Wing
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3500
Characters: CJ Cregg, Toby Ziegler, Andrea Wyatt, Sam Seaborn, Josh Lyman, OFC
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Source material: Based on
The Truth About Her Life by andchimeras
Summary: Six Qumari women are in need of an intervention. CJ knows that she has compromised, but she has only bent and never broken.
Warning: Deals with the subject of violence against women. Contains passing non-explicit references to sexual assault and a passing, more explicit reference to female genital mutilation (FGM).
Author's note: Written for
[info]remix_redux. In episode 3.8 "Women of Qumar", the viewer is left in no doubt that CJ has moderately feminist sensibilities when it comes to violence against women. The original text by andchimeras does a beautiful job of telling a story of CJ's early political engagement, contrasted against the immigration struggles of a group of Qumari women. (For those who don't know, this is a fictional West Wing state, presumably so the show could highlight the shocking human rights abuses thereof, without causing an international incident.) I kept the basic structure, and delved a little more into the idea of CJ's awakening as a feminist, which is then compromised by things within her control, and things outwith it. Fact fans may wish to know that I titled this remix after the article on Catherine Mackinnon, and not the book by Christopher Hitchins.

The Truth About Her Life (Flickering Firebrand Remix) )
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Title: A Whole World, Bit by Bit
West Wing
Josh and Sam
Not mine.
[personal profile] indigo_inferno
Back from his road-trip. Josh thinks about things. Episode tag for  4.1-2 "20 Hours in America". 
Written for [livejournal.com profile] sarken for the Fall Fandom Free-for-All. 

A Whole World, Bit by Bit )
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Title: Dimly around him the Battlefield Spreading
West Wing

Icon: indigo_inferno
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: When Amy wants to know who knows what, she turns up at Josh's apartment in the middle of the night. Episode tag for 5.15 - "Full Disclosure".
Warnings: Non-explicit reference to a historical rape. Probably not for fans of VP John Hoynes.
Author's note: Written for
[info]misura for the Fall Fandom Free-For-All

Dimly around him the Battlefield Spreading )Dimly around him the Battlefield Spreading )
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Title: Sunlight on a Broken Column
Fandom: West Wing
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Josh and Toby 
Length: ~1000
After Josh meets with Jeff Breckenridge to talk about reparations for slavery, Josh and Toby talk about genocide. Post-ep for 1.18 - Six Meetings Before Lunch. 
Warning: Discussions of genocide. Specifically, The Holocaust.

Sunlight on a Broken Column )



Title: To Satisfy the Sharp Desire (1/1)
Rating:  PG13
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Fandom: CSI and West Wing
Characters:  Nick/Greg, Josh Lyman
Length: ~910
Spoilers: (CSI) Through 5.24 - Grave Danger (WW) Through 2.01 - In the Shadow of Two Gunmen
Summary: When Nick Stokes is recovering from being kidnapped and buried alive, he realises that his experience has parallels in the shooting at Rosslyn.
Nothing, apart from the canon violent crimes under discussion. And the weight of arch post-modernism.
Author's note: This silliness is a kind of companion piece to
All which it Inherit shall Dissolve.


To Satisfy the Sharp Desire )
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Title: 3000 Miles
Rating:  NC17
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Fandom: West Wing
Characters:  Josh/Sam, Josh & Sam, CJ, Toby
Length: ~4,800
Spoilers: Through 5.17 - The Supremes
Icon: by
Summary: Sam comes back to help his former White House coworkers prepare for the nomination of two new Supreme Court Justices. This brings painful reminders of a past relationship.
Brief mention of a canon abortion. Mild violence. 
Author's note: This was supposed to be a CSI / West Wing crossover, but I stripped the ever delightful Nicky Stokes out of it because Josh's willingness to talk to him about various things became increasingly incongruent with Josh's personality. Don't you hate it when they do that? 


3000 Miles )
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Title: Arguing about Earthquakes
Rating:  PG13
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Fandom: West Wing
Characters:  Josh & CJ
Length: ~1,400
Spoilers: Through 3.08 - Women of Qumar
Icon: by
Summary: Post-ep for "Women of Qumar". CJ's outburst at the National Security Advisory prompts a discussion between Josh and CJ about the administration's stance on violence against women.
General discussion of violence against women issues.
Author's note: I'm in the middle of writing a completely random CSI/West Wing crossover one-shot and while doing research for that this happened.

Arguing about Earthquakes )



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